Collective for Youth
Empowerment in STEM & Society

We believe in the power of youth to use science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for social good.


Many young people have really smart ideas for solving the challenges they see and experience in the world today. Some have the tools and opportunities to make a difference—but most do not.

To make change in today's STEM-driven world, young people must have a strong grounding in STEM and the agency and opportunities to engage on issues that matter to them.

At the Collective for Youth Empowerment in STEM & Society (CYESS), an initiative of the Afterschool Alliance, we bring together people and organizations to integrate STEM, civic engagement, and youth leadership in afterschool and out-of-school time programs. Our group of educators, researchers, young people, funders, and organizers is dedicated to learning from each other and supporting other program practitioners build opportunities for youth to gain and apply STEM skills in addressing issues they care about.

Our efforts will help young people prepare for the workforce of tomorrow and become change-makers and problem-solvers in their own communities. We hope you will join our work to strive toward a more STEM-literate and civically engaged society.

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Explore how members of the CYESS community are engaging young people in quality youth leadership, STEM, and civic engagement programming!

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Our new report

How are afterschool and OST programs approaching the intersection of STEM with youth leadership and community engagement in their initiatives? We conducted a study to find out!

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Your answers to this survey will help us map and document the landscape of program strategies and models at the intersection of STEM and community engagement.